What we do

Our olive groves cover 25,000 square meters of land; there, with a lot of love and care, we grow our olives. Olive processing (maturation, preparation, packaging, etc.) is carried out without any additives or chemical processes, using the most contemporary methods combined with the specialization of our human resources. It takes place in our proprietary, 7,500-square meter facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, in keeping with the latest methods and with a continued emphasis on the proper processing of the olives, so that the end products that reach consumers are pure, unadulterated and high-quality.

Our primary concern is to produce foodstuffs with high nutritional value, respecting the centuries-old tradition of olives in Greece and in the Mediterranean, where they are established as the basis of our nutritional chain. Our vision is for our products to reach every household in Greece and beyond, promoting our country’s tradition in the cultivation and preparation of olives and their by-products. And we pledge that our elevated sense of responsibility and our love for what we do, together with our ever-increasing experience and knowledge about our activity,  will forever inform the philosophy our company and govern all of our production processes for products intended for human consumption.